AV-receiver reviews: Onkyo TX-NR3030

AV-receiver review: Onkyo TX-NR3030

Onkyo AV-receiver review for several years we did not get top marks the – at least in this price range; the reason for this was mainly the high quality of the competition – Pioneer components and Yamaha. But the time has finally come Onkyo. AV-receiver review of TX-NR3030 very good; It is one of those devices that are capable of not only the ball of the enemy but also to score his goal. Not too modest price is consistent with the high-quality sound and a host of features, including support for a wide discussion format Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos – a new stage in the development of technology surround. In the traditional theatrical set, acoustics appears vertical component. Additional ceiling speaker or speakers whose radiation is directed upwards and is reflected from the ceiling, allow to generate a real sound dome.

Feature of AV-receiver review

AV-receiver reviews: Onkyo TX-NR3030

The purpose of this approach – creating a more authentic acoustic spaces. The sound becomes high, and various effects are moved around the room more natural than ever before.

That’s the theory, and in the performance of AV-receiver review Onkyo TX-NR3030 has successfully embodied in practice. There are quite subtle sensations: sounds do not fall on top of the listener – rather it seems that the room was spacious. Acoustic space – a huge, three-dimensional and truly all-embracing.

One gets the impression that the room is no longer the ceiling. When people start to fall the first drops of rain, it is you even a little puzzled, but soon covered delight. Switch to the standard Atmos 5.1 kit – and you suddenly realize how much is actually suppressed the ceiling. Before the advent of Dolby Atmos is overlooked.

Of course, it is not only in the atmosphere. Sometimes you just want to hear the whistle of bullets near the left ear, and effects on the distribution system Dolby Atmos is simply gorgeous. The roar of drones and helicopters overhead watching the film “Transformers: Age of Extinction” (Blu-ray-discs with Atmos is, by the way, very few) bring a smile, spectators. Bullets fly through you, hitting the opposite wall and not get stuck in one corner.

But apart from the new AV-receiver review Atmos Onkyo many advantages. When 5.1-channel application, it creates a strikingly ambitious sound that has all the necessary characteristics.

Because of the tonal balance is not emphasized any frequency sub-bands: a clear top do not suffer sharpness, MF encouraging full and straightforwardness, bass – deep and resilient. Soft and round sound very pleasant to listen to.

Impressive and rich detail. The rattle and clang of a submarine in the movie “Black Sea” in the Blu-ray-disc were so natural that we are worried about the integrity of their own premises. All the subtle nuances of the sound worked flawlessly.

AV-receiver reviews: Onkyo TX-NR3030

At Onkyo is not the agilest and energetic sound, but it’s quite easy to lift and is endowed with powerful dynamics.

Sound competition AV-receiver review Pioneer SC-LX88, certainly more exciting, but also begins to tire more quickly. In addition, Pioneer is noticeably inferior to finesse. Onkyo is not so much adrenaline charge but easily captures the listener.

Over the sound of AV-receiver review gets the highest score, but all the other parameters are not worse. Facilities TX-NR3030 is more than adequate to its price. It has 11 channels of amplification and two for the subwoofer; This provides additional flexibility in the placement of speakers Atmos. We have used the system 5.1.4 format (five AU base DC, one subwoofer and four speakers Atmos); receiver allows you to extend it to 7.2.4.

Onkyo knows almost everything. Do you need streaming? DLNA certification means that you can transfer music and networked computers and NAS-servers.

To connect to the network are Ethernet connector and built-in Wi-Fi; second increases the versatility of use first provides greater stability. The list of compatible formats – MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Apple Lossless, LPCM and DSD to 5.6 MHz.

Supports AirPlay lets you take music from devices Apple; the owners of the models of other brands can take advantage of built-in Bluetooth. If you are tired of listening to the same song, at your service – the whole Internet. Onkyo supports Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Deezer and Aupeo – an ocean of available content.

In terms of connections from Onkyo’s all right. Eight HDMI-inputs will be more than enough for everyday use. In addition, available as optical and coaxial digital inputs; USB-port allows you to play music from flash drives and the iPod.

Many analog inputs and outputs can be used to listen in multiple zones.

AV-receiver reviews: Onkyo TX-NR3030

Do you not like a standard remote control? At your service – an application AV-receiver review Onkyo Remote: a simple, but very comfortable. Basic control buttons perform basic – for example, the direction of the arrow. Smetana move left or right, opens the page for setting TONE and listening mode, or select the zones (main, second and third). The application is also able to stream music from your smartphone. At any time, you can call the volume control.

The app is free for Android and iOS. You only need to connect the receiver to a smartphone and the same network.

A few words about setting Onkyo. Particular attention should be paid to the connected speakers in order not to get lost in the terminals that do not have notes for speakers Atmos – they have to be connected to the outputs and Verh1 Verh2.

Auto Calibration quite accurate, but the results should be checked to make sure that the receiver is recognized and Verh1 Verh2 as columns Atmos. If you are using a large speaker, be sure to double-check their size on the menu.

It is also beginning to turn off all sound processing modes and experiment with each one individually. Mode “Night” levels dynamics, making the sound less expressive; unplug it – and you know what an Onkyo.

As for the design, then AV-receiver review is not a standard in this respect, and the TX-NR3030 is no exception. However, he has a pretty good looks. On the front panel – the volume control and source selection buttons. We would prefer the knob instead of buttons, but it is not so crucial. The workmanship is at a height; the metal body in black or silver finish rather weighty after installation is not tempted to move it.

The remote control is quite easy to use – designed dimensions, roomy arranged buttons and navigation system that does not require a doctoral degree. If you lose control, or he will lose one’s attraction, you will gain free app for devices running iOS – a simple but very comfortable.

Verdict of AV-receiver review

Av-receiver review Onkyo TX-NR3030 we really like. Best-in-class sound and a host of useful features more than justify its price. We have already started to worry about is not the highest rating models Onkyo, but our fears were unfounded. Return left triumphant; new receiver exceptionally well.

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