Teaser coming Fujifilm X-T1 and a little investigation on the picture


Fuji appeared on the site for a future teaser chamber probably X-T1, which appointed the global announcement on January 28.

New information can be gleaned from the top panel, which is visible in the photograph. Here we see the shutter speed dial with the shortest 1/4000 and aperture priority modes «A», the second disc with the exposure compensation range of + / – 3 steps and the third dial with native ISO range of 200 – 6400 and two advanced mode, probably 12800 and ISO 25600 . The first and third discs are protected from accidental scrolling – will need to clamp down in the middle of the wheel.

Besides, clearly visible key Fn, which defined the basic functionality work with Wi-Fi, shutter key, combined with a lever on / off button and video recording, located directly behind the disk of compensation, if you take a camera in hand. Last me and pleased and upset at the same time. Its mere presence on the body means that the company has paid to record video with this camera a little more attention than in previous models. But its location is probably extremely inconvenient for blind clicking, and indeed in any way comfortable. How it actually – see on real sample.

If you look good, you’ll see two combined lever for edging discs Extracts and ISO. Their purpose is likely – exposure metering and single / continuous shooting. At the very prism viewfinder on the sides there is another unknown button and switch.

Front wheel can consider some parameter changes are under the thumb and a drive or slot cover under the left arm. Just below the window AF illuminator see one extra button.

Viewfinder itself very pulled up and is shifted to the left as it was in the X-E1 , E2-X , X100S , and X-Pro1. Assumption that it would be very large and will have a huge resolution – are obvious.

Lens that natseplen on the carcass with a probability of 99.9% – a Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4 XF R. XF 23mm F1.4 looks a little different. Strange that this is not a new portretnik XF 56mm F1.2.

PS Fujifilm has invited editors Kaddr.com presentation on January 29-31 in Warsaw. Now we even know what we are shown, so that the forward – can not wait to be able to share with you my impressions of the new items.

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