Time Capsule is no better than ordinary drives


I think you will agree with me when I say that the external drive Time Capsule can be attributed to the number of those who are least likely to force themselves on the various problems. However, the British agency Which? In this respect there is a different view.

Which? – British consumer organization dedicated to the selection of equipment and accessories for her. Tackling this often passes through surveys. One of these surveys concerned the external storage. So, according to the results of the survey, nearly half of the owners of Time Capsule of the respondents complained about the persistent problems with the drive.

It should be noted that according to a survey 67% of the problems manifest themselves in the first year of use Time Capsule. Experts Which? believe that this is a serious reason to start worrying about Apple and express doubts about the quality of its products.

Among the most commonly reported problems with Time Capsule users operating device called a hang, which simply does not respond to user requests, errors when trying to connect the Time Capsule to the computer and the regular noise increase hard drive inside the Time Capsule.

The study is not passed by Apple, which said experts of the organization. According to the company, this kind of problem in the main concern as the Time Capsule, sold between February and June 2008. Solved these problems is simple – repair or replacement at no extra cost.

Have you experienced similar problems with my Time Capsule?

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