Moto 360 With Metal Bands has spectacular selling in India

Moto 360 With Metal Bands has spectacular selling in India

Moto 360 With Metal Bands has spectacular selling in India

Wearable devices overflow our world. And many companies want to show their individual devices. A few days ago, Motorola has shown their smart watches Moto 360 with metal bands. As reported sales have already begun. Location sales oriented while in India for US $ 315.

According to the manufacturer sales, have already begun in India smart watches Moto 360 with metal bands. But it does not limit sales in the near future promises of sale and in other countries. As you know Moto 360 is a great competitor Apple Watch. And now the company Google and Motorola have begun a large supply of its products to other markets.

According to Motorola, the delivery of smart watches with leather bands do not stop, and the prices remain the same. There is also an opportunity to buy a new separate metallic strap for your watch. Many reasons for the increase new acquisitions are possible now.

Features Moto 360 With Metal Bands

Technical features remain unchanged, and smart watch with a metal band will be delivered with the same charge processor TI OMAP 3. In addition to the onboard device is 512 GB of RAM. And for a comfortable storage notebooks data, the device has 4GB of internal memory.

The display of the device remains unchanged, and the choice of only one size is 1.5 inch screen. Inside the device is set the pretty good battery to operate for about one week. In addition, you can find the functions Qi wireless charging device. Which is very convenient for weakly charged battery.

Smart watches offer to work with OS Android Wear. And according to the manufacturer update Android Wear get a lot of innovations and shortcomings have been finalized.

In conclusion, a new watch Moto 360 With Metal Bands proven themselves from the good side, both in terms of design. But in terms of choice of sizes and features, there is little work to be the manufacturer.

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