How to charge your iUstroystvo faster

Not a secret that people always like to complain about something and something to criticize. Then they have a smartphone quickly goes down, then they have the performance is not the best, and sometimes the smartphone is charging very, very long time. Yes, no doubt, at times like disturbance to the site and very reasonable, but today we want to make sure that such perturbations become a little less, so we’ll show you how to quickly charge your iPhone! Although in theory, any iUstroystvo.

Do not use the device

If you want to make your iPhone charge faster, for starters, do not use it while charging and squeeze the last drop of “bullseye” (5 percent, or 50, you need to call, you need to read the twitter … No!)

So you did not have the temptations and you accidentally call someone, just put “Avia-mode.”

Thus, you have no one to get through, and even the operator is power over your handheld device, which will allow a little more to reduce the charging time.

No charging from USB and other nasty things

If you want a faster charge your device, then forget about the various charging devices by USB, only the standard adapter from Apple , and nothing more. Even Apple advises: “For faster charging you need to connect the device to the Apple-Apple-power adapter, rather than over the USB-cable to the computer.”

Stay cool, stay charged

Did you know that the batteries stay charged worse in extreme temperatures? Whether you are on the planet Hoth or in the village in Africa, 100% of the first battery charge indicator can very quickly turn into a mirage and lose their charm overnight.

Apple recommends that you do not overheat your device, and, of course, does not supercool them to avoid damaging the batteries and the elementary charge losses.

The optimum temperature for enabling the life of your iPhone is the room temperature (22 degrees Celsius).

Optimally use resources

If you do decide to charge your device from your computer using the USB-cable, the most reasonable to turn off any other device that will prevent charging. As pulling the blanket, only pulling current.

Moreover, it is not necessary to synchronize your device while charging, and immerse your computer into sleep mode or Cybernation.

Support for Apple

And have the last statement of Apple, which also did not get round. Rather, it is only a recommendation, not a rule, but still.

“In order for your device to serve you faithfully, it is necessary sometimes to maintain the electrons in motion. It would be helpful if at least one charge a month you charge your device all the way to 100% and then give it to discharge completely. “

These are small, but hopefully useful tips on keeping the battery in optimum condition for use. By following these few tips and you can save the original “courage” in the new device battery for a long time.

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