Minibeam Nano - the smallest projector from LG

Minibeam Nano – the smallest projector from LG

Need a miniature and lightweight projector? At LG has the right solution. It is reported that South Korean developers have submitted a new product called Minibeam Nano.

Feature of Minibeam Nano

The model has a number PV150G and weighs only 270 g This is the smallest device of its kind in the company’s arsenal. Its dimensions are 108 by 103 by 44 mm.

Time of battery life – up to 2 hours (in the foreground).

Minibeam Nano - the smallest projector from LG

Connecting to devices made by HDMI, USB, as well as wirelessly (Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast). Gadget Brightness – 100 ANSI lumens.

Minibeam Nano can easily cope with a variety of content. Product projecting photos, documents and videos at a distance of 3,625 meters. Plus, play music – thanks to the built-in speaker power of 1W.

Maximum diagonal pictures – 100 inches. Resolution – 854 by 480 pixels.

Battery capacity is 3800 mAh. Sales start across the world until the end of June. Accurate information on the cost of not (depending on market).

Verdict Minibeam Nano

Minibeam Nano has good features and interesting design. The device is well suited for any home and office.

Source: TechTimes, Software-Boom

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