The new Pioneer TV are made on the basis of Thomson


The recent news of the return of the Pioneer brand in the TV market, thanks to the intervention of Dixons, has caused mixed reactions among fans, divided between those who hailed this revival of a brand with a pedigree important, and those who believe it Whether a mere commercial transaction, which uses a brand famous and appreciated to sell LCD TVs as many others. From England, specifically from the head HDTV Test, now rumors come pretty accurate on the panels used for these new TVs: to supply is the China’s TCL, a brand we’re talking about quite often in recent months ( as in the case of the colossal 110 ” ), given the intention to impose itself in the western market.

TCL has not even limited to providing only the panels: going to compare the images of the TV launched under the brand Thomson (owned by the Chinese manufacturer, which has relaunched in Europe), you can see many similarities, as evidenced by the photo at the opening (left is the place Pioneer TV, right to Thomson). Not only TV shows with the same image, but they are also essentially identical cosmetically. In essence, the TV Pioneer marketed by Dixons nothing more than rebranded Thomson.

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