IPad users are not impressed with the new Nexus 7


On Wednesday Google unveiled the next version of the Nexus 7 tablet computer. Device is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. In addition to changes in the external device was sverchetky screen and a number of other hardware improvements. However, as it turned out, the novelty of iPad users Google is not at all impressed.

Such conclusions were made reseller Gazelle, which is engaged in the resale of used mobile and computer electronics. According to the company, the output of the updated Nexus 7 has not affected the sales of iPad. In this case, the original model Nexus 7, things are different.

As reported by TechCrunch, the day the second generation Nexus 7 Gazelle company witnessed increase in sales of the first version of the tablet in the amount of 333% compared to the week before the presentation of the unit. In the following days, the number of self-fulfilling “nexus” has increased by 442%.

“Sales of the first version of the Nexus 7 were so high that reached almost a quarter of all implemented on the website Android-plates” – writes Gazelle.

On Wednesday, reportedly took the biggest jump in sales of the Nexus 7 for all the time of placing the tablet on the site. On that day, the realization of the unit has exceeded the previous mark of the biggest jump by 380%, which was observed simultaneously with the leak of information on the Web about the appearance of the second version of the Nexus 7. It was on July 17.

These relate directly to the Nexus 7. If you look at the sales of iPad, what happened here is not exactly any changes, as the release date of the new Nexus, and in the following days. It follows from this conclusion on the complete lack of interest holders “apple” device in the latest creation of Google.

Obvious reasons that people do not sell their iPad, may be at least two. Firstly, the users are too much involved in the ecosystem of Apple (bought a lot of apps, games, books, music, and so on). The second reason – people are waiting for new products from Apple, which will make loud announcements in the coming months.

As expected, the Cupertino will appreciate this year, with two plates. First – iPad 5 – will be completely redesigned. iPad mini second generation, in turn, will receive a Retina display and a more powerful “stuffing.”

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