InstaLauncher: access to any application in iOS for 300 milliseconds [video]

InstaLauncher – this is a new tweak from Cydia, which allows you to “access to any application in iOS for 300 milliseconds.” The original slogan reflects the main developers of the essence of the new utility
– The ability to quickly run any program without flipping screens iOS.

7 In iOS, Apple has changed the job Spotlight – trigger a search and find the software can be installed in an instant from any page on the screen. However, in iOS 6 launch applications through several Spotlight loses its meaning as a call for the search, you must first return to the main page of the iPhone, and then swipe to the right. InstaLauncher – an interesting solution to the problem.

InstaLauncher is a unique launcher for the iPhone, which is caused by any gesture Activator. It is a special page that lists the letters of the alphabet from A to Y. Click on any of them, you can see all the installed programs that begin with that letter.

In addition to the alphabet InstaLauncher launcher allows you to move in the past and running your favorite applications. Add to Favorites icon in the settings tweaks.

Promo video InstaLauncher from the developers:


Features InstaLauncher for iOS:

  • The ability to quickly run any installed application on the iPhone.
  • Integration with Activator.
  • The list of recently run applications.
  • Section favorites.
  • The ability to add or remove applications.
  • The ability to add or remove panels (a recent, favorites).
  • Settings for left-and right-handers.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

InstaLauncher compatible with operating systems iOS 5 and iOS 6 and extends through Cydia for $ 1.9. Repository to download BigBoss. Before you install the tweak to download to your iPhone or iPad software store unofficial Cydia, which you need to perform jailbreak using Evasi0n . Detailed instructions on using the program published on MacDigger for Windows and Mac OS X .

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