New wireless mouse Genius DX-7100 and NX-6500

New wireless mouse Genius DX-7100 and NX-6500

New wireless mouse Genius DX-7100 and NX-6500

KYE Systems Corp., which produces products under the brand Genius, a world leader in the field of computer peripherals and mobile, wireless mouse is DX-7100 and NX-6500. The first offers a number of useful additional features and ergonomic design, the second working up to 18 months without replacing the batteries.

Wireless mouse Genius DX-7100 technology BlueEye

Mouse Genius DX-7100 is assembled in a convenient case with recesses for durable grip. Included provided clothespin Stick-N-Go, which allows you to attach arm while carrying straight to the lid of the laptop. Advanced BlueEye sensor with a resolution of 1200 dpi can work on any surface – glass, marble, lint-free cloth, and two additional programmable buttons extend the functionality of Office applications.

The second mouse is equally well suited as a right-handed and left-handed because of the symmetrical body with colorful rubber inserts on the sides. In the development of NX-6500 Genius engineers paid particular attention to energy consumption – cost infrared sensor and power-saving technologies allow the mouse to work up to 18 months on a single AA battery. For maximum convenience, NX-6500 is equipped with a charge indicator which lights up red when the battery is time to replace.

New wireless mouse Genius DX-7100 and NX-6500

Both mice are equipped with tiny USB-receiver Pico Receiver, which can be hidden right in the body, not to lose during shipping. The connection is at 2.4 GHz with a range of up to 10 meters.

Genius DX-7100 and NX-6500 is available in different colors at an estimated retail price of 24.6 and 24.2 US dollars respectively.

Source: Genius

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