Lily a new unmanned aerial camera

Lily a new unmanned aerial camera

Lily a new unmanned aerial camera

In light of the unusual has become one of the UAV more. The project is called Lily and a small quadrocopter with a great lens. Let’s take a closer look at the new device.

Founders of the project are the talented people, but not too modest. His invention are positioned as “the first summer chamber.” It is not as though the product has turned out interesting. Let’s look at the main features of the camera.

Features of the Lily

The unit maximum autonomy: Lily after the start of flying by the user (at the same time leading shot the owner).
As the machine does not lose sight of the human? With the help of surveillance equipment: accessory required to fix the wrist (like a bracelet) or put it in his pocket. He will not give Lily behind.

Lily a new unmanned aerial camera

Start Lily drone in the air can be in the two accounts. Just turn up and throw. The rest will take the automatic.

The device is able to take photos at resolutions up to 12 megapixels. As for the video, the platform affords rollers 1080p (at a rate of 60 K / s). The number of frames per second, easily double – clicking in 720p mode.

Content is stored on a removable SD. Included is a card of 4 GB, which is easily changed to another.

Lily a new unmanned aerial camera

The maximum speed is 40 km / h. The ceiling height is 15 meters. An important point: Lily is not afraid of dust and water – by protection class IP67. If the device sits in a puddle (literally), nothing bad will happen. Time of battery life is 20 minutes. On the restoration of the battery should be 2 hours.

Currently, engineers quadrocopter brought to mind. The release is expected in February 2016. Retail price is 899 US dollars (499 USD – for pre-order).

Feature of the Lily

The new device Lily really very interesting. The device will be useful for people who love to take pictures from above.

Source: Engadget

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