Cicada - a one-time spy drone

Cicada – a one-time spy drone

Cicada - a one-time spy drone

Another amusing novelty military. Unusual modification UAV experts have come up with US Naval Research Laboratory (Scientific American Naval Research Laboratory). Let’s look at the device closer.

Developers have created a one-time scouting drone. The invention was awarded the “name» Cicada. A very characteristic name hints at the well-known insect. Let’s look at the features of the device.

Features of Cicada

Talent is the overwhelming mass of cicadas. They unanimously come out of hibernation is all around and at the same time dying. The unit of the US is consistent with this description. Over the territory of a potential enemy will soar hundreds of such machines.

It is expected that the enemy will not be able to shoot down all at once. Even if “survive” a few units – that’s good. They were enough to gather the necessary information.

Cicada - a one-time spy drone

Abbreviation Cicada interpreted as follows – Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft. The device is designed very simply and is a kind of “airplane” of 10 items.

A key feature is an absolute silence. The design of the engine lacks: it is a glider with a small chip. The invention “dumped” into the atmosphere and it is lowered to the ground. Moreover, not anywhere, but given the coordinates of GPS. Precision landing impressive. In tests, drone took 5 meters from the goal (after 17.7 kilometers). The device is compact, unobtrusive and reliable.
Another plus is relatively cheap (about $ 250 apiece).

Conclusion of Cicada

Which modules can be equipped with Cicada? Authors of the project say that the board is easy to fit a radio microphone. and a magnetic scanner and meteorological equipment (for measuring humidity, temperature or pressure). Another spy “stuff” (like cameras) – on request. There would be a fantasy.

Source: Phys

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