LG is preparing to webOS Smart Watch

LG is preparing to webOS SmartWatch

LG is preparing to webOS Smart Watch

The range of “smart” watches LG G Watch certainly turned out successful ( review of the first model is no longer even on our website). But now, according to The Verge, the Koreans began to work on the new device, but this time under the control of “eternal perspective” webOS (hopefully, Google was not offended that their Android Wear a little pushed aside).

Information about the new clock appeared on a special site for developers LG (now this section has been removed). On the teaser lit character Bean Bird, which did Koreans used in advertising “smart” TV on webOS. But now the emphasis is on a device that takes the form of hours (by the way, to order all the geeks, they are round).

LG is preparing to webOS Smart Watch

At the time of formation of the market Smart Watch, when all the experimenting, trying to find “the very middle,” LG has demonstrated a good start. The decision to use as the operating system webOS may be the desire to reduce its dependence on the Corporation’s Good (Google), which has recently introduced new (not always favorable) rules for vendors. For example, in the line of “smart” watches Samsung already has a few devices running its own operating system – Tizen.

Now for the “smart” watches are no “right” of the operating system, as happened in the smartphone market, where the ball is ruled by Android and iOS. Therefore, Android Wear, and Tizen, webOS, and have the same chances of success. And to win the one who can attract more developers, because the software is always decides.

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