In LG will have a device to "own Tizen"

In LG will have a device to “own Tizen”?

In LG will have a device to "own Tizen"

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of devices on Android, which at the same time does not prevent her from trying to advance on their gadgets and the alternative system – Tizen. The company is not even her own, but only part of the Association Consortium. LG, apparently thought that she, too, would be nice to have a “fallback” and remembered acquired in 2013 WebOS.

According to The Verge, on the site, owned by LG, there was the release of a teaser developer tools for WebOS SmartWatch.

In LG already has two models of “smart” hours working on Android Wear on Google – square and round G Watch G Watch R. And second, by the way, have caused consumers decent interest. In short, the company is an active participant in the wearable electronics, and perhaps, like Samsung, does not want to depend on throughout Google. And considering the fact that this sector is just beginning to develop, it is not silly is the idea of ​​its own operating system, knocks out the lead.

In LG will have a device to "own Tizen"

However, due to the transition team of designers WebOS interface to work in the Pebble , the current status of the development of WebOS SmartWatch is unclear, but she is not keen on LG to shed light on this question, commenting on the situation as follows: “We have a lot of LG initiatives. Most of them never see the light.”

In LG will have a device to "own Tizen"

Not very encouraging. By the way, and the site was the cause of all of the conversations, it is currently not open.

And as you look at these steps manufacturers? Whether they should think about their own OS or better to use ready-made ecosystem of Google?

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