LG has reported record sales of smartphones

LG has followed Apple released its financial results for the quarter. A notable aspect is the increase in sales of smart phones at lower levels of net income.


Compared to the same period last year, the Korean company has increased its sales by 10.1% to 13.58 billion dollars. The size of the operating profit amounted to 426.92 million U.S. dollars, net profit – 139.04 million. This is less than it was last year, but better than the results shown in the first quarter.

LG underlines the success of its mobile division. In the last quarter the Korean manufacturer has been able to realize 12.1 million smartphones, which is a new record for the LG. Sales of mobile units compared to last year increased by 34.5% to $ 2.78 billion. The operating profit compared with the second quarter last year increased, but decreased in comparison with the 1st quarter of this year.


LG Mobile explains the drop in profit decline in domestic demand and increased competition from other producers (apparently refers to release Samsung GALAXY S4). Nevertheless, the company is confident in the future and hopes to increase sales of low-cost smartphones L-and F-series, as well as devices that can compete on equal terms with other flagships – Optimus Pro G and G2 .

Profit (95.37 million) and revenue (4.91 billion dollars) unit LG Home Entertainment (responsible, including for TV technician) compared to the previous quarters of last year and have not changed.

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