Best LG batteries hexagonal for smart watches

Best LG batteries hexagonal for smart watches

Some of the most popular smart watch – round. Only they work, as a rule, quite ordinary best LG batteries. Not the most optimal rectangular shape.

The foregoing leads to the extremely wasteful use of space within the chronometers. The last – not smartphones, free space in them is not enough.

What is unusual in the best LG batteries?

Best LG batteries hexagonal for smart watches

LG Chem researchers figured out how to solve a problem. South Korean engineers have created a unique hexagonal best LG batteries. These power sources are much better suited for wearable electronics custom type.

New items perfect old. They are as compact, but their capacity is above 25%.

That listed the benefits? The time between charges increases for 4 hours. Moreover, without the inclusion of power-saving mode. Quite useful bonus in the world where every device “survive” until the end of the day.

LG Chem does not reveal all the details. However, it is known that the supply of partners have already begun. Soon hours round screens will become even greater.

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