UVe: little robot cleaning house

UVe: little robot cleaning house

To a robot cleaning house, we have all become accustomed. Stuff like that nobody will be surprised. They are quite useful and in demand in the economy. However, people forget that the monitor is required not only for floors.

The kitchen is also in need of attention. But after cooking dirt is inevitable, especially in the tops. Even if you bring order to your own hands – will be a lot of invisible threats.

How to cope with dangerous germs without the use of chemicals? Entrust cleaning miniature novelty called UVe.

What can a little robot cleaning house?

UVe: little robot cleaning house

The device is equipped with a UV emitter, do not leave the bacteria no chance.

The invention operates completely autonomously for 2 hours. The machine handles a table on which there is, and automatically returns to the charging point.

UVe: little robot cleaning house

In addition, UVe – robot cleaning house suitable for disinfecting bathrooms, children’s bedrooms and other places where important exemplary cleanliness. Moving possible for wood, stone, rugs, made of “foam” concrete, as well as the tile.

The device of robot cleaning house is undoubtedly useful. Pre-orders are accepted on Kickstarter, which is raising funds for mass production. The price ranges from $ 84.

The release is expected in November this year.

Source: geeky-gadgets

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