Apple Earskinz headphones will no longer fall out of your ears

Proprietary headset Apple EarPods – not the most ideal of those present in the market, however, these headphones provide enough quality sound and the wire is so strong To hold tightly wrapped around a mobile device dynamic heads. The question is: Members EarPods, especially with the big ears, often there is a problem fixing the earphone in the ear.

In such cases, the aid will come Earskinz. This is a thin silicone tips for EarPods Earbuds or older due to the good adhesion of the material to the skin tightly fix the headphones in my ears.

In addition to the convenience of wearing the accessory manufacturer promises to improve sound quality. Argued that the use of silicone tips with EarPods bass is deeper and more intense.

The manufacturer offers a variety of options for colors Earskinz, to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding users. A pair of nozzles will cost $ 11 .

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