iPhone 5s and Burst Mode: Limit on the number of frames


iPhone 5s since its appearance is endowed with an interesting and probably useful feature continuous shooting photos. The point is simple – when you press the shutter button and the device makes a series of still images at 10 frames per second. Curiosity has no limits, so try to find out – is there a limit on the number of pictures in this mode?

The results, frankly, staggering. The guys from the resource called Macmixing not lazy and patience to hold your finger on the “Descent”, while writing process on video.

999 pictures! Moreover, it is necessary to let go of your finger and press the button again as the next impressive series of 999 photographs will photograph the event continued without missing a single movement. In general, I do not think that in real life you will need a number of identical pictures, I just can not think of a situation in which it would be necessary to take such event series. In any case, such a possibility – the merit of the new A7 processor and the increased performance of the machine at times.

If you have a question remains – how long will it take to remove these 999 photographs – this is the answer. After shooting the series, go to the “Gallery” tapnuv on the icon with the preview in the bottom left corner. The fact that a series of photos stored in the machine’s memory as a kind of separate “packet”, it looks like a stack of pictures with a signed number. If you click on the “Favorites” menu at the bottom, the pack is revealed. Photos can browse, mark, delete, save your favorite in the “Camera Roll”. If what is left you no longer need – go to the general galleries, mark the “pack” as an ordinary photograph and delete all the pictures in her time as a normal picture.

By the way, this only works on the iPhone 5s. Burst shots on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c fall directly into the general photostream device, no sorting, as described above, is not provided.

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