Journalist predicted the future of electronics in a week after the release of iPod

In our days, when technical devices that can change our lives, leave annually, if not more often, journalists and analysts tend to see new products not only as something to bury alive the company’s products. Each output of such a successful product like iPhone , accompanied by an enormous amount of criticism and complaints about how little changes in the product and how they are insignificant. Is it worth it to say something about the less successful device.

In the article foreign resource TUAW author argues that a decade ago, new products met as cool. When in October 2001, Steve Jobs showed the world the iPod , the reaction of journalists was very short-sighted. Here are a few examples taken from the pages MacRumors 2001:

Hey, Apple, I have an idea – instead of having to delve into the world of toys and entertainment, why do not you spend a little more time with their expensive and impossible curves servers? Or do you really aspire to become a renowned company tricks for the consumer?

I still can not believe it! All this is some very funny trick! Who cares about the MP3-player? I want something new! I want them to think differently! And why do they do it? This is a big mistake! It’s incredibly stupid!

As we can see with hindsight, iPod has become very successful and has had a huge impact on music and technology. Yes there, iPod actually arranged a musical revolution, simultaneously enriching the Apple company to a greater extent than anything before it. Nothing says the shortsightedness of many critics as well as the time that is known to all on the places. However, there were exceptions, quite phenomenal. We are talking about the former CNET editor Eliot Van Burskirk. While his colleagues discussed the price of the device or mourned the company that issued the MP3-player, Mr. Van Burskirk described the prospects that he sees for the iPod, and wonder – how right he was. Here are some excerpts from his article:

Some revolutionary quality iPod obvious: lightning data transfer, compact size, brilliant design, not to mention the built-in 5 GB of memory. But some of its qualities make me very surprised if the iPod is not the harbinger of a new type will be devices that are not associated with the ability to play MP3. Seemingly random product features and some industry facts lead me to believe that this player is not nothing but a herald of the future. iPod can store any type of file, and appears on the desktop as a removable disk, which forces to use it for this purpose.

The following words of the journalist literally be called a prophecy, and in fact they were written just a week after the release of iPod.

If you add it all together and look at the whole picture, you understand – what I am. iPod – is more than a MP3-player, is the prototype of a purse of data that each of us will carry into the next decade. These devices will synchronize data from multiple machines and allow everywhere to carry their music and video library. They will have a simple interface and the ability to connect a keyboard, webcam, monitor, network, mobile phone, PDA, music center, headphones, goggles, GPS-module and any other peripherals.

In his article, the former editor of CNET spoke about the ports for connecting peripherals. Nowadays, we have the same thing, but stepped a little further, and connect the device using a wireless connection. And all we really connect – thermostats, cars, security cameras and more. In a way, Eliot Van Buskirk even predicted the future Touch ID:

If you will be introduced safer identification technology, the device can even perform the role of a personal security code during operations such as check-in and boarding the flight.

Unfortunately, nowadays spoiled constant innovations critics reject blindly technical products, focusing on what these new features are not. Very few people are trying to open up perspectives, like Eliot, who literally predicted the future of not only the devices from Apple, but all portable electronics, just by looking at a new MP3-player.

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