How gadgets affect your sleep?

High technology so tightly joined in our lives that their brightest and most portable representatives do not leave, we almost never. Indeed, smartphones and tablets accompany us everywhere, be it dinner at an expensive restaurant, or workout in the fitness club. For examples of this go far unlikely to have: I personally almost every morning start with a feed update “Twitter” and send the most interesting articles in the Pocket, with whom we have already, by the way, familiar. The same situation is observed in the late evening: social networks, documents, books and other little things are always the focus of my attention. Whatever it was, these studies argue that using a smartphone before bedtime is highly undesirable. Why? Try to understand.

What’s the problem?

Main reason why gadgets are destroying the integrity of our sleep naturally hidden in them. No, it’s not careless voice assistant or a fingerprint reader , as you might think. We are talking about component, which have absolutely all touchscreen smartphones. However, do not aspire to look in their own palaces mind – it is in the presence of a large and bright display.

Indeed, numerous experiments have shown that artificial light screens of our devices under force fool the human brain. Last, receiving a signal of a light, be assured that the street another day, and suspend the production of melatonin – a substance “calling” sleep.

Why not microwave?

University of Michigan researchers Russell Johnson found that smartphones are our regular attendants – up to bed. While as televisions, computers and tablets usually are in place, smart phone mainly travels in our palm. This, in turn, keeps us in constant mental activity, not allowing our main processor free from the execution of certain processes.

And where are the numbers?

However, this negative effect is not exhausted. In addition, the smartphone will display a light blue tint. Staff Research Center Harvard Health by many experiments have established that the blue color has the most detrimental effect on human sleep. For example, if you compare with a green tint same level of brightness, the blue blocks the production of melatonin is almost twice as long. In addition to the above, also the shift of the circadian rhythms of from about 1.5 to 3 hours.

Notorious rhythms represent a kind of internal clock. Accordingly, their failure could lead to a general deterioration of health, weakened immunity and disease emergence.

How to protect yourself?

Naturally, the best way to protect yourself from all sorts of consequences is not to use the phone after sunset. However, it is absolutely clear that the breaching of this may be fraught with work, relationships with friends and the like. Therefore it is necessary, at least, do not forget to reduce the brightness level to its minimum level. You do not want your brain was deceived, is not it?

How about a poll?

And if you use a smartphone in the dark? Do feel any kind of effect on the body? Do not forget to share with your answer in the comments.

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