Mac mini can get an update next month

Apple has not updated its most “junior” Mac computer with October 2012 , when he was presented the first-generation iPad mini. It was expected that the new representative of the family of Mac mini buyers will be able to see the fall of last year, but it never happened. In Cupertino decided to wait for updates on this computer, and until recently, fans of this line of devices had to wrestle, and when Apple will equip the Mac mini processor Intel Haswell, which the company already uses in their laptops.

Yesterday, one of Apple retailers in Belgium unwittingly (or perhaps intentionally) shed light on this mystery. On his website suddenly appeared Mac mini with Intel Haswell chips in variations Core i5 and Core i7. Store representatives said portal MacRumors, that information came “from Apple or trusted sources,” and the emergence of computer sales are expected by the end of February.

Description novelties include key specifications: Processor Haswell, integrated graphics Iris, as well as the new standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac. In addition, a new generation Mac mini can be equipped with a solid state drive instead of a standard HDD, as well as port Thunderbolt 2. CPU frequency, memory and storage as yet unknown.

Since Apple has not sent out invitations to your next event, we can assume that this time the Mac mini will do without official presentation. Computer just will appear in the online store corporations together with the relevant press release. Apple has already done so with the fourth generation iPad 128GB, monobloc iMac and some other products.

Earlier leaks from international retailers company proved to be very effective. For example, in this way we were able to determine the date that sales of the new Mac Pro .

On the other hand, Apple is unable to cope with the deficit “Proshek” for several months whether it will pull another line of computers? Unlikely Corporation will take such a risk.

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