iWatch will receive a set of sports and medical sensors

In the web there are more information about the upcoming release of branded watches Apple. According to recent data, especially glad to release new items may be fans of the sport and a healthy lifestyle. By building a “smart” watches the company has attracted a team of specialists in the field of software and hardware associated with medicine.


As reported by 9to5Mac, among the companies whose employees over the last few months passed at Apple, there are some well-known manufacturers of sensors for medical equipment and devices, as AccuVein, C8 MediSensors and Senseonics.

“Based on that, what experts Apple picking in your home state, wearable computer iWatch can measure various parameters of the human body, such as glucose. Hours can pass this information on your mobile device. The data obtained will make a full snapshot of the state of human health, which could be very useful for fitness applications”.

Recall at this week’s edition of The Financial Times reported that the iPhone maker in dire need of additional engineering resources for the development of “smart” watches, and so aggressively hiring specialists of the appropriate profile.

Earlier, similar to the “apple” of the corporation sources confirmed the development of «iWatch» and made it clear that they are working on a team of one hundred developers. When there is provided an apparatus, not specified.

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