Hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet

Hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet

Hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet is a complete reset of settings and data. This process clears all files in sections /data and /cache of internal memory and .android_secure system folder on the memory card, ie removes all installed applications and reset all system settings. The data on the memory card remains intact. If you have changed the system data (the contents of the section system), ie something was changed in the operating system (for example, to install the driver), or delete the system files, such data is not restored.

Method 1: The first method involves hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet through Recovery mode. First you need to turn off the tablet, and then press the combination of the 3 buttons: «Volume Up», «Home button» and «Power button».

Hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet

When you see Android logo, you can release power button, but continue to hold other two buttons until the Android robot with a box appears. After a while, the recovery menu appears.

You can use volume buttons to navigate menus and home button (center) or Power button to apply.

Hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet

In the recovery mode menu you need to select Wipe data / factory reset to hard reset all of the data. Also you can select Wipe Cache partition (Clear cache) , but it is not necessary, since the hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet clears the data cache as well.

Note: You will see a lot of options “no”. It’s kind of foolproof. If you really want to hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet – select “Yes – delete all user data”

Method 2: The second method will be useful to those users who have a fully working tablet. You need to go to the “Menu” – “Settings” – “confidentially” – “Factory data reset”.

Hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet

Method 3: The third method is the easiest. You need to enter the service code.




Both service codes make a hard reset Kurio 7 Tablet. Note that the second service code deletes all files not only from the internal memory of tablet, but SD-card.

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