Apple may once and for all solve the problem with the battery

Modern portable devices today have only one global problem, in comparison with which the nuances of the OS and peel off paint – all this stuff. I’m talking about the battery life. While increasing core processors, batteries will not grow, and each manufacturer solves the problem of the autonomy of their own way.

If you take the smartphone OS Android, there are several solutions applied. Battery increases up to 3000 mAh or higher, usually at the expense of resolution. Also apply all sorts of tricks like disabling cores, reducing the brightness and restrict access to different functions, such as the camera or flash. Apple, in turn, does not suffer gigantomania, at least not yet, and do not like to limit users to use the camera. However, it is believed that Apple is once and for all solve the problem with running time devices.

The patent, entitled “Calculation of the user’s intentions on the use of battery charging and trends”, which unveiled foreign AppleInsider, the company from Cupertino describes the advanced technology to optimize energy consumption by each user. Instead of reducing consumption at a time when very little charge is left, the system selects a time when it is better to do it without damage to the device owner.

Information about how to use the various sensors and wireless devices will understand the system of our habits. Other information like schedules in calendar or geolocation data may make it clear on the schedule, for example. Rounding out the collection of information charge cycles, because most of the time we are able to put the phone on charge at the same time. All these data will understand the system, what we expect from the device, how long and how intensely we plan to use it, and under that it should adapt.

In other words, if your iPhone understands that you took him off the charge at 7 am and puts in the work, then the next time you recharge it no sooner than 12 hours later, and it will take up this challenge, doing everything possible to charge the battery enough for all your needs. Moreover, according to Apple, if you suddenly need to increase, and you start taking pictures or more suddenly launched a new device for the beautiful game, unbeknownst to you in time, the system will reduce the power consumption even more, if only to meet the schedule.

The system should operate automatically, not only without any user intervention, but it is hidden from sight. This means that despite the fact that all the forces trying to save battery iPhone, we will never be faced with some limitations, and it will not affect the speed and quality of his work in those moments when he actually will be used. Cool? Not the word. And most importantly, it will affect not only the iPhone, but the iPad, and MacBook. Have to wait for implementation, and to decide when the device may be discharged.

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