iPhone 5s: examples of the impressive effect of time-lapse


The new operating system, iOS 7, a whole series of innovations related to shooting photos and video. First, the mobile platform has received a new camera mode “1×1”, which makes the square pictures in Instagram. As in this popular social network, now in the new operating system is a function of the use of filters: a total of eight, and the process of their application are like those of the Photo Booth.

In addition, iPhone is now photographing immediately when you press the camera button, and if it is to hold, performed continuous shooting, the speed at which the iPhone 5 is about 2.3 frames per second. Much more fun is this process on iPhone 5s – he shoots a series of images at up to 10 shots per second and can choose the best ones.

There are changes in the organization of images, a new feature called “Moments”: the photos in iOS 7, grouped by date and place of recording.

However, the most interesting feature of iOS 7 is seen burst modes – 120 frames per second. The user can view the playback captured with a slowdown in a few times, considering in detail the process. And, after recording, you can select a point in the video, which will be played in a mode «Slow Motion».

Examples of using the effect of time-lapse iPhone 5s can be viewed at the following video:

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