Olympus DM-901: Digital Voice Recorder with 2-inch Wi-Fi support


Olympus has announced the market a digital voice recorder Olympus DM-901.

One of the main features of the new items is to support Wi-Fi. Thanks to this device can be remotely controlled using the application Olympus Audio Controller, installed on the tablet or smartphone running iOS or Android. Thus, the recorder can be placed, for example, on the podium in front of the Speaker, and then take their place in the last row. On your mobile device by clicking on the screen, it will be possible to start / stop recording, save files, transfer them. Thanks to the “Visual Index” you can use photos taken on a smartphone or tablet during recording, as labels, linking them to audio files, to highlight the most important information.

Olympus DM-901 is equipped with noise-canceling microphone, which provide stereo with “natural sound” because of its location at an angle of 90 degrees. Special zoom mode allows you to adjust the direction of microphones to maximize the quality of sound in a noisy environment as well as in cases where the recorder is at a considerable distance from the speaker. The user can change the settings manually in each situation. DM-901 supports three recording formats: MP3, WMA and PCM (48 kHz/16-bit).

The model provides a color LCD display with a diagonal of 2 inches. Under the screen are three programmable buttons and their functionality the user can determine yourself. DM-901 is equipped with 4 GB of internal memory and a slot for flash memory cards up to 64 GB.

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