iPhone 5C: source at Apple confirmed the name of the smartphone


Yesterday, the web has new details about the budget model iPhone, the preparation of which we have covered. On a Chinese website WeiPhone was published photo, which is claimed Are depicted plastic packaging applied with the name iPhone 5C. Although experts believe that this shot – most likely a fake edition Businessinsider insists that this is what is called a new phone Apple.

Boxes for smartphone made in white, with a glossy sheen (perhaps due to plastic) and rounded corners. All this is in a modernized style, followed by Jonathan Ive, lead designer of Apple. Tara seems to be quite adequate for “apple” of the product, and bears the signature logo-apple.

According Businessinsider, regardless of whether it is published this photo, the new budget smartphone Apple will be called the iPhone 5C. The information was allegedly obtained from a reliable source within the company.

“Our insider is not working at Apple, but it is associated with one of the employees in Cupertino, who confirmed the name of the phone. Source of reliable, long time, he gives us reliable information about future products, “- writes Businessinsider.

What does the letter «C» in the name of the device? We can assume that the word «cheap» (cheap) or «colored» (color). The latter is perfectly consistent with the rumors that the low-cost version of “apple” smartphone debuts in several bright colors in addition to the traditional black and white, which should bring it to the extra attention of young audiences.


Recall that the available iPhone supposedly will get a plastic housing and a stripped-down compared to the flagship model of this functionality, and his announcement is expected 6 or 18 September.

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