Samsung will bring to the exhibition CES 2014 “smart” refrigerator-based Tizen OS

It seems that Samsung in the near future plans to use Tizen OS not only in mobile devices and cameras . At the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2014 South Korean giant is going to bring a lot of products under the control of the OS, including “smart” refrigerator own production.

According to preliminary data, the device is equipped with a large touch screen. The heart of the CPU cooler is Nexell, the disposal of which is 256 or 512 MB of RAM. The amount of internal flash memory type will be several GB. To be able to connect to the Internet will equip the device with a wireless module Wi-Fi.

What is the purpose of the company Samsung to that product still hard to say. Perhaps it is certain that such a device as a refrigerator should not only store and freeze food, but at least show the videos on YouTube and the latest news on your favorite sites.

By the way, not so long ago, Samsung and Intel have managed to attract a consortium of Tizen Association has 36 companies. Now, with great confidence we can say that the findings of many analysts about the death of this operating system have been a little hasty.

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