iPad generates 84.3% of the Internet traffic Tablets

According to a new study by Chitika, iPad has a strong lead among tablet computers to use the Internet. Among the devices of this form factor in the U.S. and Canada to “apple” tablets have 84.3% of the total tablet traffic.


According to the experts who conducted the study during the period from May to June this year, the share of iPad for the period increased by 2%, despite the fact that the share of “tablets» Apple in tablet sales continued to decline on rising sales of cheap Android-models and, to a lesser extent, Windows-devices. This conclusion was based on the analysis of the 200,000-controlled websites Chitika and about 300 million banner displays in the advertising network.

Most of the other manufacturers of tablets, however, faced with a reduction in traffic originating from their devices. Is that with readers and “tablets» Nook amount of traffic for the month increased by 37%. 


In second place after the iPad by a wide margin are Amazon Kindle Fire, generating 5.7% of “tablet” traffic in third place – Samsung device line Galaxy Tab (4,2%).

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