The world’s first car designed almost entirely of blocks of Lego

Loved by many since childhood Lego designer often used in various fields, including robotics . A striking example of its widest application can serve as the world’s first full-size car from more than 500 thousand cubes Lego, designed by 20-year-old resident of Romania Raul Oyada. Cost outset that some elements of the vehicle (for example, struts, wheels, tires and sensors) are not cubes Lego.

In motion “legomobil” given by a pneumatic motor with four identical sections in which there are a total of 256 pneumatic cylinders. The engine is running, which is executed exclusively cubes Lego, compressed air. No harm will also mention that the designer made entirely from the steering wheel, doors, seats and glass.

Despite the fact that “legomobil” Raul Oyada developed the idea of ​​creating a car from Lego owned by Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino. It is noteworthy that while Mr. Sammartino not attracted neither one nor the other.

“I just technology enthusiast and wanted to show what you can do if you try to embody the idea of using kraudfandingovogo service and talented young people,” – he said in an interview with BBC .

It is known that the project Super Awesome Micro invested 40 users, and the creation of the car took about 18 months. At the moment it is known that the car can reach a maximum speed of 30 km / h Also mentioned that the maximum speed was limited to prevent damage to the creators of the engine and other elements made of plastic. Full cost of the project is not reported, but we know that $ 60 thousand took only yellow and black cubes designer Lego.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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