What owners complain Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

What owners complain Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

What owners complain Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Nothing is perfect. To make sure this incredibly precise dictum we, fans of mobile technology, it turns out regularly. HTC One M8 got a mediocre camera, a new generation of Moto X received a battery with a capacity of funny, but the price tag sixth iteration of the Nexus deterred many potential buyers. However, there are such problems, which becomes known only sometime after the start of operation. Today we learn about the shortcomings regarding fresh Galaxy Alpha. So, what to complain about the owners?

First of all, it is necessary to say a few words about the device. Galaxy Alpha became thereby smartphone feared by owners Galaxy S5. No, I have not made a reservation: it is the fifth “Galaxy”. The fact that the original rumors predicted announcement metal flagship with incredible performance, against which the Galaxy S5 could seem some toy.

What owners complain Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Fortunately, this will not happen, the owners of the current flagship sighed with relief, and representatives of the South Korean giant novelty presented, the main focus of which was placed on the design. The device turned out not only stylish, but also quite productive. Refusal of the most powerful processor and an abundance of RAM is more than offset by a resolution of the display. It is about 1,280 x 720 pixels.

Overall, smartphone, of course, was a success. However, in some instances certain inherent disadvantages, the most common of which now will be discussed.


Trouble connecting to wireless networks found in many smartphones and Galaxy Alpha, unfortunately, is no exception. Sometimes it’s just a reluctance to connect to the desired network, and sometimes – the inability to keep a stable connection.

What owners complain Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Some users believe that the problem will be fixed with the release of an update, but before long wait is worth trying a more familiar way. For example, to restart the router, smartphone, or forget the desired network.

Hot body

No, it is not only an attractive appearance of the smartphone, but also increasing the temperature of his body. According to our colleagues from raqwe, this can be solved using the normal reboot or closer monitoring of open applications.

Strange autonomy

What owners complain Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Most likely, the battery life will never meet its owner. Such is the nature of man. However, if the Galaxy Alpha loses precious interest charge too quickly, you can try the following trick.

It is necessary to fully discharge the smartphone, remove the battery, clean the contacts, to put it in place and charge the smartphone off.

Reception, reception

What owners complain Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Some owners complain of a stylish news network reception is poor. If removal of the SIM card, as well as cleaning the cache, did not lead to any result, so it is necessary to try another “sim card”. In case of relapse should contact the local representative of the company.

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