Hackers have learned to do "eternal jailbreak" iPhone and iPad

Hackers have learned to do “eternal jailbreak” iPhone and iPad

Hackers have learned to do "eternal jailbreak" iPhone and iPad

Hackers broke into a proprietary connector Lightning iPhone and iPad and have access to the operating system kernel debugger iOS. This will allow them to quickly find the future vulnerability to release the jailbreak, even if Apple will continue to release software patches.

Hacker group Ramtin Amin (“Ramtin Amin”) was able to unravel the principles of proprietary interface Apple Lightning, which Apple is divisible only with their partners, and other kept secret. The concept of principles of Lightning opened the hacker access to a variety of instruments, including the operating system kernel debugger iOS, reports Hacked.

Access to the debugger will allow iOS hackers, if Amin share with them exploit (until he began to publish it in my blog) will find vulnerabilities in the operating system and use them for the release of the jailbreak, notes Hacked.

Lightning connector, Apple uses since 2012 the first device equipped with them, become the iPhone 5, introduced in October 2012 then moved to the standard iPad 4 and iPad mini, and later – in all new mobile device vendor. He replaced former broader unbalanced jack, the company refused it for the sake of a higher speed and smaller size.

The publication adds that users do not need to worry for the safety of their devices, because it can not run on your device running iOS arbitrary code. This development “Ramtin Amin” is different from that found in January 2015 vulnerability Thunderstrike, which allows attackers to execute arbitrary on a Mac using the interface Thunderbolt.

To crack a proprietary, ie closed standard Lightning, Amin studied many patents for Lightning and free in the public domain on the Internet leaks. Then he set up and connected to the logic analyzer by which studied logic controller interface.

Understand the workings of Lightning, hackers will be able to quickly find vulnerabilities in the operating system

Recall that Apple allows you to install applications for iOS-devices (iPhone, iPad) only from an official source – the store App Store. However, there are alternative directories are published application, for various reasons, are not approved by Apple in the official repository. To access this directory, the user must perform jailbreak device.

Apple regularly addresses vulnerabilities in iOS, allowing hackers to produce such jailbreak, and in every way hampered their efforts. So, last week the company has blocked the possibility of recovery devices while maintaining firmware iOS 8.1.2, for which there is a jailbreak, forcibly transferring all devices on iOS 8.1.3 (for this version of the system jailbreak yet).

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