Google Play App Store has outstripped the number of applications

During the presentation of the second-generation Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 , Google announced that Google Play store shelves exposed more than 1 million applications for devices running Android. Thus, the range of software for “guglofonov” has surpassed that of the App Store, on digital counters which collected 900,000 programs.

The event should be taken serious achievement Google and its “OSes”, born after the revolutionary iPhone. Who is online kiosk Play offers a wide selection of digital books, music and TV series, soon there will be tutorials.

Meanwhile, the “apple” well ahead of the Android ecosystem of applications for tablets, as for the iPad they number 375,000 titles. Apple, virtually created the modern market “tablets”, the leader in this segment since the first model of the iPad in 2010. Recently, however, the manufacturer feels the pressure from competitors who resort to dumping prices, attracting more users to the Android-platform.

BREAKTHROUGH Google Play was announced at a press conference in San Francisco, where Google has officially unveiled Android 4.3 operating system and updated tablet Nexus 7.

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