Outback will launch surprise uninterrupted B-Day Chair

This figure grow hands of the seat, to make you think of Stephen Chow movie chameleon do?


Whenever a friend’s birthday, and everyone always struggled to design a variety of birthday surprise the whole plot, or offer a big bear hug; if you are embarrassed to hug, wish to refer this task to this called B-Day Chair seat now!


Comes from well-known chains OUTBACK Steak and advertising agency Lew’Lara \ TBWA common ideas, this special chair or even a combination of Facebook community features. Birthday Party on the same day as long as the design birthday sitting on B-Day Chair, Qingsheng process B-Day Chair will suddenly “outstretched hands” from behind a bear hug to longevity, but also the seat above the injection ribbons, then everyone would can take the opportunity to take birthday surprise moment, and then upload photos to Facebook.

Premise is longevity can not be too timid, if they are scared Huarong pale hands sudden or fell out, that would be embarrassing … B-Day Chair can schedule this year is expected by the end of New Year’s Eve in Brazil seen major Outback Restaurant .

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Look a video from russian roads:

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