GinzVelo - one seat electric bike for $ 6000

GinzVelo – one seat electric bike for $ 6000

The regiment arrived atypical vehicles. Tired of conventional bicycles? At the very time to get GinzVelo.

This is a very interesting single hybrid invented American named Peter Ginsburg. The machine moves not only because of the pedal-powered, and electric motor power of 500 watts.

The main functions of GinzVelo

On a single battery charge, the invention is able to travel about 160 kilometers.

GinzVelo - one seat electric bike for $ 6000

The average speed of the machine is 32 km / h. However, it is realistic to disperse it to the maximum – 48 km / h. Said aerodynamic shape promotes good.

The basis used tricycle gear ICE Adventure (with a number of modifications). The cabin is a solid shell made of fiberglass and foam. If you believe the developer, “Cocoon” protects the driver from small accidents.

Once on board, there are mirrors, ventilation, front, rear and brake lights (LED).

Pre-orders are accepted on the site Kickstarter. The release will take place in autumn this year. The first deliveries are expected in November 2015.

Source: gizmag

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