Fat Bad - electric bike for off-road

Fat Bad – electric bike for off-road

For bicycles on electricity, all have become accustomed. What such vehicles may surprise?

The developers decided to try Fat Bad is the electric bike for off-road. This new folding thick wide tires. A real all-terrain vehicle.

Feature of electric bike for off-road

The bike is not afraid of off-road. He was not afraid of thick grass, sand, snow, mud and so on. The design ensures high throughput.

Fat Bad - electric bike for off-road

Any loose surface does not pose a threat. For this creators used tires 4-inch width.

The product weighs of the electric bike for off-road is 25 kg. The frame is made of aluminum alloy. The basic version is equipped with an electric motor of 250 W and a battery capacity of 10 Ah. Ask for the apparatus 1,775 dollars.

Do we need a more powerful version? Suitable Fat Bad R – 500-watt motor. However, the version is more expensive – $ 2220.

Fat Bad - electric bike for off-road

Speaking of the power reserve, the power plant guarantees up to 70 km. Then the owner will have to rely on the pedal power of its own legs. Recharging takes about 5 hours.

In addition, there are reinforced wheels, 7-speed transmission, and hydraulic brakes.

Source: gizmag

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