Corning began shipping partners Gorilla Glass 4

Corning began shipping partners Gorilla Glass 4

Corning began shipping partners Gorilla Glass 4

By and large, our smartphones – it displays a battery. Screen certainly cannot be called a model of strength, because the slightest drop device facing a “web of glass.” To deliver us from this kind of trouble, there is a company Corning, who presented on the eve of the fourth generation of its tempered glass Gorilla Glass.

According to the company, Gorilla Glass 4 will provide improved by half, compared with the previous generation, protection from broken screens.

Corning began shipping partners Gorilla Glass 4

Using to simulate rough surfaces, this accounts for our land devices sandpaper grit with an index of 180, Corning experts throwing smartphones from a height of about 1 meter. Some of them are protected Gorilla Glass 4 others – competing coatings. As a result, smart phones, secure new glass company, remained intact in 80% of cases.

One of the possible competitors Corning, obviously a sapphire crystal, is the second strength of the material in the world, second only to diamonds. It is expected that the sapphire is used in the iPhone 6, but Apple led the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Cliff Hund, president of Corning East Asia, said that the sapphire is the best offer when it comes to scratch resistance screen, but when it comes to exposure to stress, sapphire Gorilla Glass inferior in strength.

Great news for those who’ve breathlessly lifted asphalt favorite gadget that had fallen down screen: Corning has already begun to supply Gorilla Glass 4 to its partners. So probably we will be able to test the new glass for strength in the coming updates smartphones.

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