Android everywhere – the most unusual Soup on Android

Times when existing Android -devices and their owners can be counted on the fingers of one hand are long gone. Now any more or less modern man knows what Android, or at least heard about it, besides the vast number of smartphones and tablets running it on Android. Such devaysami is no surprise, but today we will talk about really amazing devices on Android, the existence of which you may not even aware.

Oven on Android

Yes, you heard right. Dacor company produces wind electrical cabinets Dacor Discovery IQ, running Android. According to the manufacturer’s site, stoves work on a Samsung 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM DDR2, have Wi-Fi module, a 7-inch touchscreen LCD display and stereo speakers. During cooking, you can enjoy the music, of course, adjust the temperature and operating modes need using Android, moreover, has the ability to remotely control the furnace using an application for your smartphone (there are versions for Android and iOS). There are three different models Dacor Discovery IQ, the most affordable option would cost $ 4,500, with the top model will have to pay not less than 12 000 dollars. How do you oven on low cars?

Fridge on Android

If you have an extra $ 3,500, you can indulge in a refrigerator on Android. Such a possibility is provided by the company Samsung. Their refrigerator has four doors, with 8-inch LCD display in one of them, Wi-Fi module and the most common Android with some applications from Samsung. Display in a refrigerator can be used as a photo frame to record notes, calendaring, search, recipes, etc. In fact, many use cases, at least more than the oven, but why do we need another tablet, which can not be separated from the fridge? Did someone come in handy, maybe someone really nowhere to spend their money.

Miniature gaming consoles and media players on Android

Of course, these gadgets are not as specific as the previous, but no less interesting. Typically, gaming consoles are perceived as something big and powerful, but these consoles are the complete opposite. Now smartphones components are getting smaller in size, so the manufacturers have come up with a device not much superior to the usual size of the stick, connect directly to the TV and running on Android. The most famous Android Console – OUYA and GameStick, and both are quite affordable (99.99 and $ 79.99 respectively). By the same principle, and made a mini-media players. Device to get cheap and portable, but the pleasure of use often deliver little. As a rule, they do not have sufficient capacity, are not very convenient operation and are often broken.

Android in the car

Unfortunately, until now, most major car manufacturers use in their car multimedia systems software of their own development. If, before the development of Android and iOS, some manufacturers might surprise the buyers later most systems look funny in this whole situation is now. It was logical that sooner or later the producers considered and smart enough to use sophisticated software in its vehicles. After all, only need a little to change the default Android, which is not too difficult, and what opportunities open immediately for motorists. Then you and the music players, and video, and photos, and even applications from Google Play, in general, is really the mass opportunities. Advances in this direction began not so long ago, and we hope that in the future it will be used everywhere.

Washing machines, coffee makers, microwaves

In fact, Android begins to penetrate the appliances very quickly, and if not much point in using Adnroid in the refrigerator not, in many other forms of technology, he is uniquely present. Remember control functions and modes on a typical washing machine, and now imagine how much easier and clearer you can do this with Android. No incomprehensible  buttons, deductions and triple clicks, long instructions, etc. Similarly, all of this applies to other household appliances: coffee makers, microwaves, dishwashers – the list goes on and on.

I think that to a greater extent because of the openness of the operating system and the possibility of legal hassle and install it anywhere, we get such interesting solutions. If while a lot of it can not cause anything other than laughter, in the future it can really simplify our lives. That of all the gadgets you are interested in the most? Where else would you like to see Android?

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