The future of gaming consoles on Android


Consoles on Android

Situation in the gaming industry is surprising: while analysts tipped crash consoles as a class, selling Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hit records. On the other hand, the market enough producers who do not intend to give up without a fight: consoles, running Android , appear punctually and differ at least a more reasonable cost. But whether the green robot to adapt in a new niche for themselves, and where it leads – worth investigating.

In theory

Bright prospects – that’s what awaits consoles on Android, according to NVIDIA, which last year has already proven its interest in the release of the portable console Nvidia Shield. The American company has long-term plans for rapidly gaining momentum gaming ecosystem Android, and I am sure that it is for her future. Moreover, not only as a platform for consoles, but in general all – a single, unified OS for managing data on your smartphone, computer, car, well, console, of course.

On the other hand, the very openness of the operating system provides more opportunities for ambitious software developers and games, it is not surprising how fast evolving gaming industry in the world of Android and Google. 


In practice

Currently, all game consoles on Android have a significant drawback: limited igroteke. While manufacturers do not tend to come together for the common good, and try to get their piece of the pie, concluding agreements with several developers. The number of games, which in fact has Nvidia Shield, does not exceed 60, and from this small number is not all of them deserve attention. Theoretically Android-console allow you to use any application from Google Play, but you dare you play any shooter, suddenly it turns out that the control system is not completely adapted to the controller. Compatible software and hardware simply will not allow to enjoy the opportunities that are theoretically Android-top boxes.

Play Market desperately needs a level playing standard. When developers can produce games that are compatible with any devaysami on our beloved OS, instead of doing releases for one device with a small niche target audience, whether or Shield OUIA. That’s when we’ll live and play!

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