Goodbye, iPhone 5c! Welcome fablety!

Neither rumor about Apple’s future products does not upset me as much as the latest rumors about the iPhone 6. A huge number of models with large screen on Android, as well as comments from readers say that many people want a large screen in a smartphone, including in the iPhone, but there is another category of people. I personally believe that another Galaxy Note, but from Apple – this is not what I want.

Of course, you can keep hope for preservation of the current diagonal to the end of the presentation of the product, but we have to admit, the rumors about Apple products tend to come true, especially if they are published in the pages of The Wall Street Journal. This publication – not some “ayFantazery”, and do not publish information without good reason. But more to the point.

Apple plans to release a version of the iPhone with a diagonal of 4.5 inches above the display, and a second version with a display larger than 5 inches. Up to this point the biggest smartphone from Apple is the iPhone 5 with 4-inch display.

Popup confirmed earlier rumors published material, and according to the authors, a source you can trust.

According to the model with a smaller diagonal is longer in development, and is already preparing for mass production. Version with a larger diagonal at the stage of pre-development.

The only positive, it seems to me, the moment in the article Wall Street Journal, is a rejection of the idea of ​​a bent display. But there is another negative. According to rumors, the two iPhone models will be dressed in a metal case, and there is a question. How do iPhone 5C , which was released last fall? Is a new range of devices will not get a decent continuation? Turns out that way. Most resources which have already published the news, explain this rapid success cancellation low plastic model, but it has fans. Personally, I think iPhone 5c one of the best smartphones of the company in terms of design and ergonomics. Do not support the Apple users who are solidary with me?

If the rumors are true, the only place for iPhone 5c, which can be found on display in this place, which now occupies the iPhone 4s. Reduce the amount of memory up to 8GB, and finally transform the model in a budget solution. But what about the buyer who wants a compact camera with a great flagship masthead and iron, which is now the iPhone 5s? Among Android-smartphone no such solution, and apparently of smartphones from Apple, too, will not appear. Hopefully, the company will compensate the inconvenience of using a large smartphone release convenient wearable device .

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