5 facts about Android, you might not know

5 facts about Android, you might not know

5 facts about Android, you might not know

The history of our favorite operating system facts about Android has more than one year. During this time, manufacturers have released a huge number of smartphones and tablets with the green robot inside, users got the most attractive of them, and developers stokes this cycle by means of release updates. Despite many years of existence of the system, some of its secrets you cannot even guess. So what are the secrets conceals Android? Let’s find out.

1 fact about Android – The system for cameras

5 facts about Android, you might not know

It’s no secret that sometimes things do not quite used to the destination. Sweet soda acts as a descaling carton of milk or juice turns into a great bird feeder, and kupertinovsky tablet becomes an excuse to create a rather strange advertisement .

It turns out that there was something like facts about Android. As reported by our colleagues from phone arena, Android operating system originally designed for digital cameras. In particular, it is well thought Andy Rubin after its acquisition in 2005.

However, during the year vision Rubin changed. As well as a vector of development of the green robot.

2 facts about Android – The system for the minority

5 facts about Android, you might not know

Do you know the legend of David and Goliath? Regardless of the answer, the meaning of it boils down to the fact that sometimes the weak can defeat the strong.

At the very beginning of its existence, Android does not fall into the latter. Moreover, representatives of other companies have repeatedly predicted the green robot difficult existence. For example, an employee of Nokia said that he sees no threat to Android, while the Head of Symbian assured that their system will survive the offspring of Google. It seems that such statements were a mistake.

3 facts about Android – Growing by leaps and bounds

5 facts about Android, you might not know

Android – the fastest growing operating system and technological product as a whole. Last year, the number of activations of devices with this system has reached a billion on a total it took 5 years.

For comparison, in the 11 years of existence, Symbian achieved 450 million users, while Apple for 6 years has acquired 700 million apple fans.

4 facts about Android – Write to me, if you want

5 facts about Android, you might not know

Many dream of becoming a developer. Why not? The idea fabulously get rich in exchange for the creation of exciting applications like everything and there is nothing reprehensible. By the way, to develop applications for Android-device does not require regular payments. All that is required for this – one-time payment in the amount of $ 25 for the opportunity to publish an application on Google Play.

Developer certificate for iOS is much more expensive: $ 99 per year.

5 facts about Android – The same logo

5 facts about Android, you might not know

Minimalist green robot remembers everything, but the story of its creation only knows one. It turns out that the author of the popular logo is a native of Russia Irina Blok, once worked at Google. Currently Irina works on your favorite career in San Francisco.

By the way, learn about creating green logo detail possible in this article.

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