Electrolux showed food 3D-printer Atomium


Many science fiction books, the authors describe some food generators that create any dish on the user of a special material – just select the desired and press the button. Concept Electrolux Atomium approached very close to this idea, though not the fact that he gets to the stage of commercial product.

The device is a kind of 3D-printer that uses as a raw material for printing not plastic, and food products. Its feature is the ability to replicate almost any small 3D-object in the form of an edible copy.

To do this, the device is integrated 3D-scanner and software that allows you to create three-dimensional images of the flat model. That is, the child can draw and get the desired result in the cupcake in the shape of a toy truck, for example. The company wants to make the most simple user interface to experience with the device does not differ from that on heating food in a microwave.

It is assumed that the food ingredients are placed in containers legs and the finished product falls into the center of the container main structure. It is hardly necessary to wait for the emergence of such a harvester in the coming years, but who knows what heights reach science in 5-10 years?

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