Volvo Concept Coupe: a car with a touch interface, and 400-horsepower hybrid engine

Carmaker Volvo is actively developing a concept car dashboard Concept You, when you use a minimum of physical buttons and everything is built on the basis of user-friendly touch interface, easy to be used even on the move. His new version is used in the car Concept Coupe, which in itself is an interesting concept.

This two-door car with a 2-liter hybrid engine, but its power in this case is an impressive 400 hp On the technical magic that was used to reach such a result, Volvo specialists do not apply, but only vaguely hinted at the use of a supercharger and a turbo.

However, the main focus of the prototype, the company still makes the interface and on the instrument panel, which is present only five physical buttons. A live demonstration of the prototype is scheduled for 2014, but in selling something similar can be seen not earlier than 3-5 years.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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