Sony will release a virtual reality helmet for the PlayStation 4

It was learned that Sony intends to release a virtual reality helmet as an accessory for its next-generation consoles PlayStation 4.

According to available information, the release of the device was to be held during the exhibition Gamescom, but at the last moment it was decided to postpone the presentation at a later date. Now release virtual reality helmet Sony planned the exhibition Tokyo Game Show, which will take place towards the end of September. Currently, the companies decide how to position the device: as an optional addition or as a key component of a separate console.

Specifications virtual reality helmet Sony has not yet announced. But according to one of the developers of the device has a certain similarity with Sony 3D glasses HMZ . Another developer said that Evolution Studios is already working on the introduction of support for the helmet racing simulator DriveClub. The game will be simulated view from the cockpit car.

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