Another outing patent trolls


Not only is the largest technology companies are constantly suing each other, so more are constantly wishing they earn. These are known as those wishing to patent trolls. During the week, Apple had been charged with stealing technology and autorotation as much personal assistant Siri.

Thus, a certain company Long Corner Consumer Electronics, located in Texas, argues that it owns the idea of ​​using sensors, which is carried out using modified position of the screen. This company exhibits admirable persistence in the “protection” of its patent rights. Within 24 hours of its representatives have sued Apple, Kyocera, Lenovo, and ViewSonic.

In turn, the company Plaintiff Voice Domain Technologies is making smaller-scale action, but its purpose is more serious: the personal assistant Siri. The charges stemmed from a line in the document, which they call a patent containing the following sentence:

Data input device may also include a microphone built into the body, providing education acoustic signal caused by speech Users

It is safe to say that this attempt to cash end in complete failure. However, this is unlikely to stop the new enthusiasts. Apparently, the reason is the approach to patenting in the U.S.. As the experience of the same company Apple, you can get the relevant document is not even on the technology, but just an idea. And the idea, executed in a rather vague and inconcrete wording. Because of this, it becomes possible to interpret it very well and without problems fit this description specifically to implement the invention.

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By the way, according to some estimates, patent trolls annually causing the largest technology companies total loss of about $ 29 billion.

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