Japanese released DVD-ROM drive, video broadcast on the iPhone and iPad


Japanese company Logitec (not to be confused with the Swiss Logitech) especially for owners of Mac computers released the external optical drive LDR-PSL8U2MSV. Feature of the device in addition to a stylish aluminum body – image translation function on the iPhone and iPad.

To transfer the contents of DVD streaming is provided free app Logitec WiFi Streamer. Now the owners of optical discs do not need to convert the video to watch it on iOS-device. Just insert the DVD into the drive and run the mobile app.


The device is characterized by a thin shell and a slot-loading drives – no retractable tray. Supports interface USB 2.0. Recorder buffer size is 2 MB.

It supports read / write DVD ± R / + RW at a speed of 8x, DVD ± R (DL) /-RW at 6x, DVD-RAM at 5x and CD-R/RW at 24x. Dimensions of the model is 148 x 138 x 16 mm, weight – 260 grams. Included with the product is a software license ArcSoft TotalMedia Backup & Record. The model is compatible with the Mac operating system for not less than OS X 10.5, and iPhone, iPod touch and iPad iOS 5.1 or later.

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