Skype corrected sync dialogues

Microsoft has previously stated that updating Skype, which they bought back in 2010 for $ 8.5 instagramov (then still called them “billions of dollars”), the company plans to solve the problem of synchronization of dialogue, which is present for a long time. And finally, this moment has come, and the official blog of the messenger informed about the update. Very soon it will begin to arrive on all platforms.

The first improvements will be concentrated on the fact that many users use Skype’s on multiple devices in parallel with what the current system does not cope at all. For example, if you reply to a message on your phone in the desktop version, it will still be shown as unread, in spite of the dialogue in the mobile version. Or after a very long correspondence in the workplace (on a PC) after the application on your phone it will hear and hundreds and hundreds of notifications about unread messages. Personally for me it was one of the main reasons not to use this messenger on any of the mobile devices.

The official blog reported that all of the above problems should be eliminated, and the Skype, in its turn, has become a huge part of the mobile future. The new version will be integrated synchronization fact reading messages at what is not important to the recipient or sender. That is what your message is read, it will be seen and the one who sent him, and all skype-devices to whom it was to come.

In addition to improvements in algorithms for synchronization, the developers have also paid attention and overall optimization of applications that now eat less batteries work more stable and run faster blah blah blah% standard phrases from any change log%. Future plans have revision push-notifications and synchronization.

If you ask me, I think I will answer that at the moment Skype – sheer misery in terms of usability. If a person is used to working with the desktop version of Windows, then reseeding at least metro-interface of the same messenger, not to mention the version for Linux, Android or iOS, it is likely to spend a lot of time searching for controls. I remember when I first installed Skype on Android-smartphone, it took me no less than five minutes trying to find a corny “Exit” button. So improve synchronization messages – it is certainly very good, and this should greatly reduce the inconveniences that arise when working with the service, however, I think it is not important. Now the main thing for Skype – restoring order and unity in all versions of its customers under different operating systems, and the picture is very similar to everything that makes Microsoft: “Keep well only at the expense of what were once the undisputed leader, and is now clearly “not comme il faut”, but we are accustomed to, so they are with us. ” And if you really soft fine-tuned in the first place, to improve their mobile and cloud products (as they said the new CEO , Satya Nadella), it is the Skype should stand first in line for global processing.

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