Nokia’s Android: myth or reality?

Sometimes in life things happen in reality which is simply impossible to believe. Obvious examples of this are the increase in diagonal display smartphones kupertinovskogo producer, release several parts of the legendary GTA games for mobile devices and, of course, to combine under one roof two seemingly incompatible operating systems. However, some time ago on the vast World Wide Web has information on which background fade is all of the above news. This, as you probably already guessed, is a smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer Nokia, running our beloved system Android. Today we decided to gather and analyze the loudest leak to understand what to expect from the mysterious smartphone, and whether competitors fear its release?


Talking about Nokia device with “green robot” inside began in September last year. The period for the Finnish company, we recall, had a rather bitter aftertaste as management Microsoft failed to agree on emergency purchase of its mobile division. Perhaps, while even the most devoted fans do not just think about the end of an era and a pioneer smartfonostroeniya its final takeover “big brother.” Fuel to the fire of sorrow adherents unable to add journalists The New York Times, who told about the fact of testing one of the Lumia smartphones on Android. In general, the reaction of the readers of news from the world of mobile technology was quite clear: the increased hatred of Microsoft, unfulfilled dreams of the return of the Finnish company in the world arena and further renunciation of the use of products on Windows Phone.

However, such attitude quickly wilted. Expect approving purchases Nokia remained about two months – until November 19. Accordingly, the hope still remained.


Despite the many prayers, board members almost unanimously supported Nokia mobile unit sale perpetrators existence Windows. Of course, all waiting to see the creation of Nokia and Google were ruined in a moment.

Fans of Android, saying goodbye to an unfulfilled dream, went to seek solace in the personalization of the smartphone with the new launcher. Lull.


Light at the end of the tunnel appeared at the end of November, when many famous twitter @ evleaks insider shared image of the budget unit, presumably running Android. In addition to images, the user also shared device name. It is as much about Nokia Normandy learned public.

Initially it was known about the device was a bit more than that, after the publication of many people have taken a leak in the next model line Asha. However, after several published images all the same @ evleaks plain text confirmed that the device will be a pioneer Nokia operating system Android.

What to expect?

That influenced the decision to create a representative is a budget category is unclear. Perhaps was influenced by management of Microsoft, perhaps, Nokia just wanted to implement a sample of the pen on cheaper. Whatever it was, its characteristics are also snared.

Currently awaiting the presence of Normandy 4-inch display, Qualcomm S4 processor and 3-megapixel camera. In addition, it became known to support two SIM cards, 512 megabytes of RAM and 4 gigabytes of built-in. However, the last digit will be increased with cards microSD.

On this evidence does not end there. New portion of the support device leaks confirmed some services Nokia. In particular, they talked about the cards Here.

As for services Microsoft – the situation looks very unclear and vague. As well as the whole idea of ​​producing a smartphone running enemy for Microsoft systems.

And what about the appearance?

Since we’re talking about the attitude to the idea of ​​Representatives Microsoft, you must mention one very curious details. Desktop appearance has not escaped from careful look insiders, confirming what can be found below.

It is obvious that Nokia engineers have developed a proprietary shell without notice similarities with Windows Phone which is simply impossible. Perhaps this was one of the conditions of deployment of the activity.

When waiting for?

According to latest information, the presentation of Nokia Normandy held on March 25. Date, by the way, is not the result of lengthy calculations any analysts or something similar. About her, oddly enough, we learned from one published image.

What will happen next?

Android is a great help for the return of Nokia in the smartphone market leaders cohort. Yes, Windows Phone cases go to the mountain, but the process is too slow.

In line with the popularity of green robot no doubt. Judge for yourself, what do you think would have fallen: the budget smartphone obscure manufacturer or a smartphone with the proud name of Nokia? Company a great many times defended the title almost the best producer of cheap smartphones – and this is exactly the case when the name is known to all play into her hands.

Obviously, if successful budget smartphone Nokia is interested in the further use of the operating system Android. Hopefully, in the near future we will see a real Finnish flagship, which take root rustic powerful camera, offline maps and other things for which we continue to love Nokia.

But how do you respond guide Microsoft? The question remains open. What do you think about this? Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

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