Terry Myerson : “Windows RT – a future system for all devices”


California-based company said it believes the operating system Windows RT future outlook for mobile devices. In 2012, Microsoft held a short reorganization and see the fruits could be based on Windows 8. One of the new solutions is a fusion of classic Windows operating system and its mobile counterpart Windows Phone under the auspices of a universal system for all the electronics.

Terry Myerson said that although the company and develops a unified operating system for all types of equipment , the first results can be seen just now. It is assumed that Microsoft will create a special version of Windows RT, which will become a universal system for all electronic devices. At the request of the company, the prospects of this solution are obvious , since the cost of supporting one operating system is significantly lower than several current projects.

While it is not clear why the choice for unification has fallen on the version Windows RT – apparently , it’s still the best option for such a project , and whether it would be successful or not – time will tell.

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